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Welcome to our adventures! We have been hiking for a number of years; hiking has changed from an interest to a passion in the past few years. This site serves as a chronicle of our adventures, victories and mishaps along the way. 

Our gallery is located under Adventures at the top and provides a nice photographic compilation of our hikes.  Gear reviews are located in the Gear section and everything else is in the Trail Journal.


About Us
Michael Horgan grew up enjoying all that the outdoors has to offer. He began skiing, camping as a boy scout, and building fort in the woods at a very young age. Michael was thrown a road block when he was diagnosed as a Type 1 Insulin dependent diabetic as he was starting his freshman year in high school. Despite some early setbacks and spending almost a month in the hospital his freshman year; Micheal went on to row for his varsity crew team, become a ski instructor , and continue his passion for outdoor adventures. His interests have grown over the years to include Mountain biking, kayaking, dog sledding and adventure hiking. He brings his passion for photography to his athletic pursuits, resulting in beautifully documented adventures.

"A body at rest stays at rest, a body in motion stays in motion."
Tracy Horgan is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hiking, kayaking, skiing, working out and all things outdoors. Originally from the Midwest, she learned to ski as a young child. As an adult, she has pursued adventures around the US, Europe and the Caribbean that include zip-lining, dog sledding and general adventure.

"With an outdoor playground this big, who needs virtual reality?"