Compass and Wayward 'Michael and Tracy'

We have both been day hiking for years. Most of our hiking adventure have been in Western Massachusetts along the Tectonic Crest crest trail. This is a trail the runs from the along the Massachusetts New York state line. We have also done some hiking in Southern Vermont and the Mt Greylock State reservation in New York.

The Rocky Mountains were basically my playground growing up, so I feel more comfortable climbing up solid granite than the colorful handholds at the local rock climbing gym. I boulder and climb indoors during the winter months, but sometimes those colors just confuse me. I like to make things up as I go. I compete internationally, but still live in Jackson, close to my parents, sister and nieces. I still do climbs with my mom and together—much to my sister’s chagrin—we’re starting to teach Kayla’s girls. I’m hoping to take them with me to my next competition at Lake Tahoe, California.


Favorite hiking

The Long Trail/Application trail in Vermont


700 ft.


37°43'42.9"N 119°38'09.9"W

A body in motion stays in motion, a body at rest stays at rest. Stay in motion, do something active everyday.



I won my first competition back in 2010 at the Mountain West Regional Championships held at Moab, Utah. Sending a 5.13a sport route in a single attempt earned me first place in the Men’s division. Before then, I’d received 1st and 2nd place at a few youth competitions. 2010 was my entry into the big leagues. A couple months after Moab, Utah, I traveled to El Paso, TX for the National Championships. I got second place by sending a 5.13c sport route in two attempts.

In 2012, I won first place in the Nationals held at Acadia National Park, Maine by flashing a V12 bouldering problem. It was my first time visiting the East Coast and I was glad to have been used to Jackson Hole’s more humid weather. I think that gave me an advantage that climbers from drier regions didn’t have. In 2015 I entered my first international competition in Cochamó, Patagonia, Chile. I didn’t place, but plan to for the 2016 championship in Krabi, Thailand.