A Season of Hiking

As we come to a close on our summer hiking season, we thought it would be fun to include a summary of our hikes from May 28 to October 9, 2016.

Total distance hiked: 170.75 miles

Total miles hiked on the Appalachian Trail this year: 118.2


Summary by State:

  • Vermont: 146.85 miles
  • Massachusetts: 19 miles
  • Connecticut: 4.9 miles


Miles hiked on the AT

  • Vermont: 105.6 miles
  • Massachusetts: 11.6 miles
  • Connecticut: 1 mile


Miles hiked on other trails

  • Vermont: 41.25 (Little Pond and back, 4.66 FR 58 and Mad Tom Notch Rd, Branch Pond to Bourn Pond and Stratton Pond,  from Griffith Lake to Old Job Shelter and beyond)
  • Massachusetts: 7.4 (Berlin Mtn)
  • Connecticut: 3.9 (Mt Washington Rd to AT, back side of Bear Mtn to Mt Washington Rd)


We are so blessed to have the experiences from this season of hiking. It is, however, only the beginning. We have some exciting goals for next year and can't wait to share them with you!