Manchester Route 11/30 to Forest Road 21

The Destination

Manchester Route 11/30 to Forest Road 21

The Hike

We wanted to fill in our last stretch of the Appalachian Trail/Long Trail of the summer season. We previously hiked all of the trail from the MA/VT line north to Manchester, and from FR 21 north to Mount Tabor.

We decided on an early start, and were on the trail by 8:45 am. This, quite honestly, was one of the easiest hikes of the season. The ascent and descent were not very extreme, the weather was cool and the foliage was beautiful.

The temperatures were of course lower at the top of Bromley Mountain, where we popped into the warming hut for a quick check of the register. We made our way back to the trail for a breezy view of fog and continued along the trail.

We reached our destination in just over 2 and a half hours that included about 20 minutes of stops along the way (putting hats and gloves on, then off, then on, then off; stopping for food, taking photos, etc...). The parking lot of FR 21 was jammed and that was good news for us -- it meant we could easily hitch a ride back to our car.

This was the first time hitching for me (and really, I just asked a nice person for a ride), and our first time together. We lucked out!


Weather at Bromley Mountain
Trip length: 5.7 miles
Departure time: 8:45 am
Return time: 11:19 am