Sage's Ravine and Bear Mountain


Sages Ravine and Bear Mountain on the CT/MA border, from AMC parking area at East Road.

The Hike

We headed north from the parking lot to Sage's Ravine.

We had a snack on the river, then continued north on the trail for about 1 mile into Massachusetts. We turned around and stopped at the Sage's campsite on our return.

Trip length: 8.2 miles
Departure time: 10:30 am
Return time: 4:30 pm

We met "Heath Bar" on our way out of the ravine. He was a Canadian who started with a friend and ended up dropping out in Virginia. Heath Bar earned his name from his great love of the snack food. His blog chronicles his trek.

We continued south past our starting point to Bear Mountain. We spoke with "Magic" along the way. He and Heath Bar has breakfast together in town the previous day. Magic as among the many hikers we've encountered wearing Dirty Girl gaiters and carrying an Osprey pack.

We hiked the rocky and marginally technical rock face to the top and stopped at the summit for sun and conversation. We had a nice talk with an AMC ridge runner and a Bear Mountain regular from Salisbury.

On our way done Bear Mountain we met "Shoelace" who was flip-flopping from Harper's Ferry to Katahdin, then returning from Harper's southbound.

The day was glorious and full of goodness.