County Rd (Stamford, VT) north to Consultation Peak


County Rd (Stamford, VT) north to Consultation Peak

The Hike

Route length: 7.6 miles
Departure time: 9:30 am
Return time: 2:45 pm

We had an incredibly beautiful day for our northbound hike to Consultation Peak. The temperatures were in the lower 80's and they sky was full of sunshine.

We were almost immediately passed by through-hikers "Fiber" and "Stone Cold" but had a nice opportunity to talk with them for a few minutes when we reached the clearing under the power lines. Fiber began his hike at Springer on February 12. Stone Cold was picking up where he left off on last year's hike; starting at Harper's Ferry and continuing on to Katahdin.

We met several people along the way that were starting their Long Trail through-hike. We made it to Consultation Peak for a nice lunch after recovering from a brief departure form the trail (read we missed and blaze and headed down the wrong trail).

We had the great pleasure of meeting "Patchy" (from Bavaria, Germany) and "Tumbleweed" (from Maine) when we stopped at the power lines on our return hike. Both were quite spirited and we enjoyed our time talking with them. There is a nice video interview with Patchy here

The day was magnificent and could only be properly rewarded with pizza!