Trail Magic: The Grandma Gatewood Story

There are a handful of ground-breaking hikers who have made the Appalachian Trail a topic of conversation in homes across the United States. Among those strong folks is Grandma Gatewood.

In 1955 Emma Gatewood was 67 years old with 11 children and many grandchildren in her home state Ohio. She was ready to get out and walk and to explore the acclaimed footpath from south to north, the Appalachian Trail.

Emma set out with a homemade bag, canned food and basic supplies in her sneakers and dungarees. Only her cousin knew her plan -- she didn't even tell her family. Until, of course, she became a national sensation.

Trail Magic is an eloquent account of Grandma Gatewood's story. It includes the important events from the account of her journey interspersed with personal interviews with Emma Gatewood's daughter and granddaughter and many other current day AT folks. This movie is a labor of love produced by Eden Valley Enterprises and FilmAffects.

This is one of the best AT historical accounts that we have seen. It was a pleasure to watch and learn how far a woman's spirit can carry her.


Are you interested in watching Trail Magic? YOU have the ability to make it happen! I recently got this in an email from Bette Lou Higgins at Eden Valley Enterprises:

We're so excited that our documentary, TRAIL MAGIC: THE GRANDMA GATEWOOD STORY, is now available to all PBS stations!

Could you support us with two minutes of your time by contacting your local PBS station? Send them an e-mail, give them a call or drop a note asking them to include it in their broadcast lineup. Please do this during the month of August and let them know that there is a satellite feed on September 10. (Here's a sample request letter to help you!

The program is being distributed through NETA (National Educational Telecommunications Association). Member stations will receive a notice directly from them. If your station is not a member, they should contact NETA for broadcast information.

Can't wait for the broadcast, get a DVD!