Hiking in Skirts, Beauty without the Beast

Are you scratching your head? Did you hear me right? Hiking. In a.. Skirt. What?

Indeed you did. This isn't a fashion statement, though hiking skirts are rather fashionable. It is not about looking girly, though there is an upshot to that, too. It's all about comfort. Being able to freely move about. Other benefits include easy side trips off the trail to deal with those pesky human issues, an easy peezy breezy (you know what I'm sayin' here) and the ability to easily throw on tights if you are cold.

After setting my mind to wanting a skirt, finding one that was the length I wanted and would fit my properly was quite a trick. I found a really cute one on Etsy for $55, but it only came in small. Their site calls a small 4-6 in women's. There was no way. So, I contacted the shop (mind you, these are handmade skirts) to inquire about an XS. The response was, "Unfortunately we can't make an XS. I would love to, but it wouldn't be cost affective. I might suggest you try the SMALL & see how it fits." Hmpf.

So, I went to my old friend Amazon to search [again]. Abracadbra! I found just the thing. A Smoothies Lamada by Body Glove. Did I mention it was $10.55? I did a happy dance for a while and waited two days for it to come. It fit perfectly. And yes, I bought 2 more because I really like them and they retail for $33, so I essentially got three for the price of one.

I took out my pretty blue skirt on our recent hike and I loved it. It is comfortable, lightweight, and will dry fast if it gets wet through accident or design. Bye bye, shorts.