Oh Gear... (part 1)

Planning for our first multi-night (any night!) backpacking trip has been all-consuming. We have packed, unpacked, added and removed so much gear that it makes our heads spin like tops. And we haven't even started the hike!

There is a fine line between taking too little and taking too much. Backpacking is not the time to take something "just in case." With exception to diabetic supplies, that is. So we have been evaluating, weighing and doing pack shake-downs for a couple of weeks.

We have created a gear list for 2 people for a 4 day, 3 night hike. You can download and customize it to work for you. Just enter the name, weight and quantity of the item. After specifying if it is for Person 1, Person 2 or Both the sheet calculates the weight by person and section and totals for the entire pack. We recently found GearGrams, which lets you do the same thing online (below). This is what is in my pack; we plan to post a video with pack break-downs tomorrow.

Base weight (above) does not include our food. We have packed food both of us that is similar to this each day:




  • Seed and Nut mixture (sunflower, pumpkin and almond)
  • Snack bar (varied)


The countdown is on!