Blotz Rd (Pittsfield, MA) to Kay Wood Lean To

Almost as soon as the first "rest" day hit after our section hike (rest being in quote because we spent 3 days building a section onto our deck, so there was no real resting) we were already feeling a hole where our hiking hours had been spent. We needed to get back to the trail! We decided on an easy little loop from Blotz Rd to Kay Wood Lean To.


Blotz Rd (Pittsfield, MA) north to the Kay Wood Lean To and back.

Weather at Kay Wood Lean To

The Hike

We parked at a small pull out along Blotz Road shortly after 11 am. The trail was easy to find and we headed off for a new adventure. We reached the peak of Warner Hill after a quick 3/4 mile hike with a 250 foot ascent right around 11:30 am and enjoyed a beautiful view on a clear day.

Trip length: 8.26 miles
Departure time: 11:10 am
Return time: 3:25 pm

We took some photos, then continued along the trail descending down into the valley and back up the side of Tully Mountain.  We stopped for lunch after reaching a clearing, then continued up an unnamed hill and round its side until we reached the sign for Kay Woods Lean To.

"Gramma Kay" was an accomplished hiker and devoted trail maintainer who finished her own through hike in 1989 at the bright young age of 70. Kay was involved in shelter design since the 1980s and the first of this new style was named after her (ATC Website). The shelter remains in good condition and is easily accessed by a nearby road.

After a few photos and exploring the lean to area, we headed back out with a sense of accomplishment.