Bourn Pond Overnight


Branch Pond to Bourn Pond and Stratton Pond.

The Hike

Weather at Bourn Pond

We were feeling the let down of being done with our too-short section hike and really wanted to get back on the trail; both to hike and to camp. We decided on an overnight trip from Branch Pond to Bourn Pond for camping, with some little excursions along the way.

Trip length: 13.79 miles
Departure time: August 17, 12:30 pm
Return time: August 18, 3:55 pm

We left the parking area near Branch Pond around 12:30 pm and headed in to Bourn Pond. The hike is easy and straightforward and we have taken this route many times in the past. We arrived at Bourn Pond and began scoping out our campsite. We had a good idea of where we wanted to be and were very happy that the site was open. There were a few other campsites set up, so we counted ourselves lucky.

We set up our tent and off-loaded some of the items in our pack before going out on a little exploratory hike in the direction of Stratton Pond. We hiked part of the way then ultimately decided to head back so that we could filter water andprepare dinner.


Michael built us and amazing fire and we enjoyed the serenity of the pond and each other's company. It was very nice. Michael captured some amazing shots of the pond and the moon that we are able to look back on and revel in the beauty. We settled in for the night around dusk and enjoyed a mostly peaceful slumber.

We awoke the following day to loons calling on the lake. It was a beautiful sound... After preparing breakfast we headed out for a trip over to Stratton Pond. We traversed two wilderness areas that were virtually untouched by man. We reached Stratton Pond in time to meet the Green Mountain Club caretaker in residence at that shelter. We had a great conversation and enjoyed our lunch before returning to our campsite.

Our plans are never set in stone and we had not fully decided if we would leave on Thursday or stay another night. Ultimately we decided to head out so that we could explore another area the following day. We broke down our camp and began the exit to the car. The skies were a little overcast but there was no prediction of rain.

A kind of electricity filled the air as we neared Branch Pond and we wondered how wrong the forecast would be. Rain drops began falling lightly a few minutes later; as we stopped to put on our pack covers the sky opened up. Rain poured from the sky in torrents and we knew there was no chance of staying dry. We alternated between a fast trot and semi-jog for the last mile to the parking area. Calling it a day ended up being a good decision!