FR 21 to Peru Peak Shelter


Forest Road 21 to the Peru Peak Shelter via Styles Peak Loop.

The Hike

Weather at Peru Peak Shelter

We were ready for another Appalachian Trail adventure, so we headed up to do another small section for the day.

Forest Road 21 accesses the AT from the town of Peru, VT. We made our way to the parking area and headed off for our adventure. We reached Styles Peak pretty quickly and enjoyed beautiful views of the valley. We ran into several through hikers and day hikers during our 15 minute stop and visited briefly.

Trip length: 10 miles
Departure time: 10:40 am
Return time: 3:40 pm

Our descent down Styles Peak did some kind of doozy on my knees. I had a freak-out of sort by the descent itself (I was irrationally terrified) and my knees were really really uncomfortable. The relatively easy section was made difficult more by my mental state than anything else.

We arrived at Peru Peak Shelter and found a nice little group of hikers having lunch. Two AT through hikers were hanging out, along with an AT veteran who was on a Long Trail through hike and an older couple who was sheltering at Peru Peak for the weekend. We hung out and chatted for a long while before continuing on our way.

We left the AT after passing over a series of puncheons that parallel Griffith Lake and going around the other side of the lake until we intersected with Forest Road 58. Let me say now, loud and clear, FR 58 was sooo boring. It was a flat boring gravel road that went on for miles. Though easy, I'd take a scary descent off Styles any day.

We returned back to the car and already started wondering where our next adventure would be..