The Cobbles (Cheshire, MA) and Upper Goose Pond (Lee, MA)


The Cobbles (Cheshire, MA) and Upper Goose Pond (Lee, MA)

The Hike

We decided to take a couple of trips exploring the local area and ended up with two fun adventures!

First we headed to Cheshire to explore The Cobbles. This was actually a pretty quick trip for us, only about 15-20 minutes from our summer "hub." The Appalachian Trail traverses through the town of Cheshire for a few blocks, and the entrance to The Cobbles is at the end of a residential street.

After walking 0.3 miles from the parking area by the rail trail we reached the trail head. The Cobbles is only 1 mile from the trail head and a pretty easy hike. It is well worth the trek for the spectacular view of the valley below.

Hoosic Lake (AKA Cheshire Reservoir), Mount Greylock, Rounds' Rock and the Green Mountains surround you in glorious splendor. Do be careful of the drop-off, as it is not a fall you want to take.

We had a lot of pep after the short hike and decided to take a short drive down to Lee, MA to take a hike into Upper Goose Pond.

Upper Goose Pond is one of our all-time favorite spots. We enjoy kayaking in the peaceful waters as well as hiking around the pond on the Appalachian Trail. There is a parking area near Interstate 90 that offers easy access to the trail. We found a parking place and took the short walk to the trail.

This particular stretch is kind of fun because hikers must cross above the interstate (90) MASSPike on a pedestrian bridge. We have driven under the bridge hundreds (thousands) of times, so walking above the road is pretty fun. AS we hiked over the highway we did get a few encouraging honks from the cars traveling below us.

The weather was beautiful and we were enjoying a break from the rain, so the hike was very nice. We hiked in the short 1.65 miles to stop in a nice spot for lunch.

Aaahhh, the joys of summer!


Hike Details

 The first part of the hike, from 10:41 am until 12:12 pm. ( Click here to enlarge )  

The first part of the hike, from 10:41 am until 12:12 pm. (Click here to enlarge)  

Trip length: 2.6 miles
Departure time: 10:41 am
Return time: 12:12 pm



 Remainder of hike, 1:10 pm to 3:33 pm. ( Click to enlarge )

Remainder of hike, 1:10 pm to 3:33 pm. (Click to enlarge)

Trip length: 3.37 miles
Departure time: 1:10 pm
Return time: 3:33 pm