FR 10 to Baker Peak, Griffith Lake and Old Job Shelter (Loop)


FR 10 to Baker Peak, Griffith Lake and Old Job Shelter (Loop)

The Hike

We have done this particular loop before and really enjoy the diversity of scenery. We cross rivers, ascend a beautiful peak with views of a quarry, Dorset Peak, and the valley below; skirt a lake and traverse through an abandoned town. I mean, what more could you ask for?

No rain? Maybe?

We headed out and were happily trekking on the first mile of our journey when the skies opened up. No problem, we thought, only 0.5 mile more and we'll be to the shelter.

We waited the rain and lightening out for about 20 minutes, then all was quiet and relatively dry. We continued on our hike, enjoying the smell of fresh rain, we cross the suspension foot bridge and headed up Baker Peak.

Baker Peak offers vistas of Otter Creek Valley, Dorset Mountain and the Taconic Mountain Range. It is high above the valley and was a great spot to enjoy a nice lunch. We even had flies join us. Biting flies. Yum, humans...

We continued on the trail, down to Griffith Lake and began taking the loop trail when another rain storm moved in. It was easy walking, so we just continued on and didn't take a whole lot of notice. The rain stopped before we reached Old Job shelter. We did not stop at the Old Job shelter on this visit and continued on.

We stopped at the shelter about a mile from the truck before heading out for the day so I could wring the water out of my socks. That was a supremely important task!

The day wasn't complete without another storm. This one was a deluge. The amount of rain was unbelievable, and we completely gave up on any hopes of walking on less than 4" of water on the trail. The trail was now a creek, and we were up that creek!

All in all the day was a huge success. We got in a good hike, had relatively nice weather, and enjoyed another day on the AT.

Hike Details



Trip length: 13.72 miles
Departure time: 10:05 am
Return time: 4:32 pm