Taconic Crest Trail (Stephentown, NY)


Taconic Crest Trail (Stephentown, NY)

The Hike

Someone I know (Compass) tells me that a body in motion stays in motion. With that in mind, we decided to take a little hike up Rounds Mountain, just off the Taconic Crest Trail.

Rounds is the first mountain we hiked together almost 20 years ago. Back in those days we weren't hiking much and it seemed like quite the challenge. We stopped hiking it regularly when ATV use made the trail dangerous and a little but ugly, but we do try to hit it up every year or two.

July 4 seemed like just as good of a time as any so we headed up for lunch on the mountain. The trail was nice and we didn't run into anyone else.

Happy Independence Day!

Hike Details



Trip length: 3.9 miles
Departure time: 11:06 am
Return time: 1:23 pm