Route 9 South (Bennington, VT) to Congdon Shelter


Route 9 South (Bennington, VT) to Congdon Shelter

The Hike

We planned to take a beautiful 15 mile hike on a quiet Saturday. Starting with an ascent up the large rocks south of Route 9 in Bennington, continuing to Consultation Peak.

We hiked this route almost  year ago to the day and had a good idea of what to expect. Right down to the rain. And boy, did we have rain. 

We've learned over recent years that the forecast is relatively meaningless when we go out to hike. That lesson remained true on our hike towards Congdon Shelter when 30 minutes in we were enveloped in a huge rain storm.

Mike's creativity won out, and we ended up huddling under his space blanket for about 20 minutes while the storm rolled through, relentlessly soaking everything in its path. We were nice and cozy under the Mike-made shelter and emerged ready to soldier on.

We continued on to Harmon Hill and past to the Congdon shelter. The rain returned just as we got toe the shelter and it seemed like a good time to stop for lunch. Our hike was much slower-going than we anticipated. We were already delayed from our little rain stop and by the time we ate our lunch it was well past 12:30pm.

Consultation Peak was another 3.2 miles away and we knew that the return of 7.4 miles would get us back much later than we wanted to be out. We made the executive decision to call it a day, and return to our starting point after 4.7 miles.

The hike out was beautiful. Mike took a spur to enjoy the view from Harmon Hill while I hung out and visited with a 2015 AT Alumni (Croc Rocket) and a through-hiker from this year, Not Tonight. 

The day was still a win with 9.7 miles underfoot. We have to keep moving to get in shape for our August adventure!

Hike Details



Trip length: 9.4 miles
Departure time: 8:34 am
Return time: 2:28 pm